We are very pleased to share that Brock Junkin, CPA, CMA, MBA has joined South Shore Opportunities’ team as a Business Officer.  Give him a call at 902-354-2616 ext 107 to discuss your business.

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Brock has a strong financial background and has been involved with , including ownership of, many small businesses in his career.  Brock wants to give back to the community by using his experience to  help  people  that want to start or expand businesses in Queens and Lunenburg counties.

You can read a bit more of Brock’s experience here: http://southshoreopportunities.com/about-us/


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Starting or expanding a BUSINESS in Queens County or Lunenburg County?   We can help.

  •   How to research
  •   How to do a business plan
  •   Counselling NO FEE
  •   Loans for business, decisions made locally
  •   No minimum loan, Maximum loan $150,000
  •   No application fee
  •   We continue to help once YOUR BUSINESS IS RUNNING.

“Thanks for your amazing help with securing the studio loan when others did not have the same level of confidence in me.  Perhaps we can do business again in the future. …Tim Feswick, Feswick Productions” 

Looking for new or different EMPLOYMENT?
Check with the people you already know at Queens Employment Services Asstn.  Tel 902-354-3505