Annual Report 2015-2016

South Shore Opportunities   had 162 new business client interviews, 72 from Queens Co and 90 from Lunenburg Co. during 2015-2016 .  This is an increase of 40 new inquiries from last year.  This fiscal year  saw 24 requests for investment which resulted in $695,226 being invested in Queens and Lunenburg county businesses.  As well, South Shore Opportunities invested $18,243 in 11 businesses who took individual training in a business management skills.

Operating results:

The year ended with an Operating Account deficit of $162.  The Board used $143,000 interest earnings from Investment to supplement the deficit this year.   $232,246 was received in operating income from ACOA.

Revenues sourced from Employment Nova Scotia for the year included $114,012  for Career Centre operations, $22,885  for providing the Self-Employment Benefits program.  The current Career Centre contract ended September 30, 2016 and the corporation chose to not enter into a new contract, thus ending the organization offering career related services.

The corporation had budgeted $303,823 revenues plus the need to use $ 212,389 interest from investment earnings.   Budgeted expenses were $516,212    Actual revenues achieved were $120,624 over budget due to the career contract being extended an additional 3 months, some unbudgeted contracted training and additional training revenue being sourced.   Actual interest from earnings used was $69,389 less than budgeted with an actual transfer of $143,000 to support operations.   Actual expenses were $120,786 over budget due to the 3 months extension of the career contract for a total of $636,998.22.  The result of total operations was a $162 deficit.

The overages in expenses were a result of doing extra work during the year.

What were we up to?

The corporation did 7 extra contracts during 2015-2016 prior to completing career services:

  • Career center contract extended from June 30, 2016 to September 30, 2016 to support delays in a new corporation (Queens Employment Services) obtaining a contract to provide career services in Queens county.
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